Contact City Council

How City Council Makes a Cop Academy (2)

Right now, it’s critical that all of our supporters engage with their aldermen before the final vote to approve the cop academy takes place in City Council this winter.

Here you will find the upcoming votes that must pass in order for the Cop Academy to receive final approval from City Council + contact info for relevant officials.

E-mail your alderman:

  • Click here for a simple tool to reach your alderman and send them an email encouraging them to support #NoCopAcademy before the next City Council vote.

Call your alderman:

  • You can lookup your alderman’s phone number here or by calling 311.  Leave a message with them about your support for #NoCopAcademy and asking them to vote against the cop academy contract this winter!

Meet with your alderman:

  • This is one of THE MOST IMPORTANT ways we can engage with elected officials.
  • Check out this tip sheet for ways to schedule a visit, or approach them in other ways.
  • FILL OUT THIS FORM, and we’ll mail you a packet and connect you with a coach directly!

Tell your aldermen what you think when you see them:

  • Some City Council members make it very difficult to schedule meetings, or are hostile to #NoCopAcademy.  If that’s the case with your alderman, there are many other ways to make sure they know where their constituents stand…