Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Rahm trying to do?
Mayor Rahm Emanuel is trying to build a training compound for Police and Fire in West Garfield Park that will cost the city $95 million dollars.  After closing the city’s mental health clinics and over 50 schools, he wants to invest even more money in the racist and violent police.

I hadn’t heard about this yet, why isn’t it being talked about more?
Rahm has been trying to sneak the plan through quickly and quietly, so people won’t oppose it.  They announced the idea over 4th of July weekend, when people were busy barbecuing with their families.

Why is this a bad idea?
This is a bad investment.  The City already spends $4 million per day on the police, and investing more money in policing will mean more violence for Black communities and communities of color in Chicago.  We need fully-funded public schools, accessible mental health clinics, living wages, and after school and job training programs if we want to build strong communities.

But don’t cops need better training?
“Better” training has never been proven to solve police violence.  What’s more, the problem is about accountability, not training.  Until there is real community oversight of police, as proposed by CPAC, police continue to kill, harass, profile, beat, and frisk Black people with impunity.

But won’t this bring in economic development?
That’s a joke! The city says this will bring 100 new jobs to the area, but that’s nothing for $95 million dollars.  There’s nothing about the plan the guarantees those jobs will go to local residents, and the idea that the training center’s existence will bring retail to this industrial, non-residential area is absurd.

What’s the plan with this campaign?
To shed light on Rahm’s latest scheme that sells out Chicago and stop the construction of the training grounds!  We have brought together grassroots organizations from across the city to launch the No Cop Academy campaign. We plan to fight back together- through the media, train takeovers, canvassing, civil disobedience, and by building a front of popular opposition- to stop this compound. We demand schools for kids, not cops.

How can I help?
There are so many ways to help.  Check out our ideas for how to get involved and let us know what you’re interested in.  If you are part of a community organization or group that would like to endorse and join the campaign, reach out to us at nocopacademy[at]gmail.com.

What’s happened so far and how do they intend to pay for it?
Visit the Timeline of Rahm’s Plan here, to see all publicly available data we’ve gathered about this project!