Classroom Resources

Are you an educator or student who wants to bring #NoCopAcademy into the Classroom?

High School & College Educators:

Download and share these two recent reports which feature #NoCopAcademy as an example of a progressive, innovative community-led strategy for public safety.


Public Investment in Community-Driven Safety Initiatives
Landscape Study and Key Considerations
by Leah Sakala, Samantha Harvell, Chelsea Thomson
The Urban Institute, November 28, 2018


Reform/Transform: A Policing Policy Toolkit
Investments in Safety Beyond Policing
Local Progress, August 2018


Download & use these great activities:

They range from 5 minutes to 30 minutes, for math and reading high school teachers.



OR Print and distribute these posters in your classroom, community center, or home.

Let us know how it went, or other ideas you have at nocopacademy[at]