“Chicago Students Protest New $95-Million Police Academy” – Now This



What does it feel like to go to school next to cops every day? What would it feel like to have a shooting range, live scenario trainings, and a swimming pool for police next door to your high school gymnasium? What would you really need to feel safe in your neighborhood?

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#NoCopAcademy on CAN TV:


“Organizers and Community Members tell City Council they want #NoCopAcademy” – Real Chi Youth, Free Spirit Media



“Chance the Rapper Pushes for School Funding” – AJ+


Yesterday Chicago BTGNC Collective & For the People Artists Collective, along with a number of other amazing supporters for the #NoCopAcademy Campaign took over the red line to let Rahm Emanuel know that we as community are watching & refuse to let him build a $95 million Cop Academy.


Chicago spends $1.5 billion on police every year—that’s $4 million every single day. Now Rahm Emanuel is trying to spend $95 million dollars on a new a police academy.
People’s Response Team


“You will be so inspired by these young Chicago students who took over trains to tell Mayor Rahm Emanuel #NoCopAcademy, fund our schools!”
Working Families


“City of Chicago to Spend Millions On Making Police Even Worse”
Redacted Tonight


The Story Behind #NoCopAcademy
People’s Response Team