$95 Million For? Pop-up Exhibit & Teach-in.

On Friday, October 27th, the exhibit space at Art In These Times was packed to hear from artists and organizers supporting the #NoCopAcademy campaign.  Organized by For The People Artists Collective, this pop-up exhibit featured posters by 9 artists demonstrating how they’d spend $95 million in their communities.

Artist Molly Costello shared about her piece on the importance of funding arts programs, and Dyke March Collective members Erin Glasco and Melisa Stephen shared facts about the campaign.  Kelly Hayes, writer with Truthout and founder of Lifted Voices, shared context for why the campaign is significant right now.  Rahm is giving CPD a handout, as an apology for the DOJ and Laquan fallout he allowed on his watch – in advance of the 2019 elections.  But Hayes reminded us too that we are the city that won Reparations for Police Torture survivors.  We refuse to accept the terms given to us.

View the photos by Love & Struggle photography from the event here:

#NoCopAcademy Teach-In/Exhibit @ Art In These Times

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