33rd Ward shows up strong for #NoCopAcademy at Alderman Mell’s Ward Night

On February 26th, a group of 33rd Ward residents confronted Alderman Deborah Mell outside her office on ward night. The group rallied with signs, noisemakers, and chants, and delivered a petition with 70 signatures from ward residents stating that her ward does not want the $95 million cop academy.

The group urged Ald. Mell to vote no to the next City Council meeting vote in March, where they will approve a contractor for the academy, as well any votes approving the academy going forward. Ald. Mell responded to group by stalling interacting with them, refusing to answer any questions, and interrogating them about where they lived. She claimed that the group was only a small fraction of voices in the ward that oppose the cop academy and disengaged.


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