Alderman Pawar – where do you stand?


February 28, 5 constituents of Chicago’s 47th ward continued the fight for NoCop Academy, in a meeting with Alderman Ameya Pawar.  We presented him with petitions signed by over 100  ward residents, and made our case. Alderman Pawar listened intently to our concerns, and shared his experience managing the politics of his ward and the city, while continuing fight for equality and the basic human rights of all Chicagoans. Although we directly questioned his logic at times in support of the academy, we were overall encouraged by his intentional thought process about the academy, and the concerns he reported with moving ahead.  We will continue to follow up and discuss this issue with Alderman Pawar and will hold him accountable to the statements he said in our discussion. This was an empowering and important meeting that we hope will add strength to our fight!

Want to meet with your Alderperson?  Need support?  Let us know by sending an e-mail to nocopacademy[at]!

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