Let Em Know: Call-in To Demand #NoCopAcademy

Today & tomorrow, let’s make as much noise as we can for #NoCopAcademy! Rahm needs City Council’s approval to purchase the land for the proposed compound. That means we need to flood our Alderpeople’s inboxes and phone lines. We’re aiming for 200 calls in 2 days.

JOIN & SHARE THE FACEBOOK EVENT:  https://www.facebook.com/events/1948592828738309/

To make it super easy, we’ve made a script and instructions:

Look up your Alderman’s phone number with this quick link: http://bit.do/CallMyAlderman

Or call 311 and ask to be transferred to your Alderman’s ward office (if you know their name).

Sample Script:

Hi my name is __________. I’m a resident of this ward, and I’m calling to make sure the Alderman knows that I’m opposed to Rahm’s plan to build a $95 million dollar new training center for Chicago police and fire. It’s unacceptable for the city to invest even more resources into the police department, when schools continue to experience cuts and we have no public clinics. That money should be invested in community-based resources if we are to have real safety in Chicago. Please oppose this plan at every turn, and begin by voting NO on the approval of the Acquisition of Property at 4301 W. Chicago when it reaches City Council. Thank you.

Once you make your call, share a selfie with #NoCopAcademy

PS We know offices are closed Monday, but we wanted to make sure Aldermen return tomorrow to a full inbox.

Don’t know what No Cop Academy is? Learn more here: https://nocopacademy.com/about/

JOIN & SHARE THE FACEBOOK EVENT:  https://www.facebook.com/events/1948592828738309/

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