Train Takeover Video!

Yesterday BTGNC (Black Trans Gender-Nonconforming Collective) & FTP (For The People Artists Collective) along with a number of other amazing supporters for the #NoCopAcademy campaign took over the red line to let Rahm Emanuel know that we as community are watching & refuse to let him build a $95 million Cop Academy.

We only recently learned that the Mayor’s Budget release, was pushed back, to until October 18th at a City Council hearing, & there is not yet a vote on the Land Acquisition at 4301 W. Chicago. We will not let up pressure. While we organize & continue to call out the continued misuse of city funds, we ask that folks continue to spread the word about the Campaign and that they call their alderperson to let them ‘No Cop Academy, 95 mill for community!’

Script & information as to how to call your alderperson can be found here


Thank you Tom Callahan & Matt McLoughlin for documenting!!

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